Why are organic and natural hair products safer to use on your natural hair? Including curls, coils and straight hair

Why are organic and natural hair products safer to use on your natural hair? Including curls, coils and straight hair


Embracing natural hair is a movement that shows no signs of slowing, but what about using natural hair products? Believe it or not, many of the ingredients used in regular shampoo, conditioner, styling creams, and gels won’t contain the nutrient-rich formulas that your curls needs to flourish.

It’s time to look at the labels and make the switch to natural and organic hair care. Whether you’re newly transitioning or your curls just aren’t popping the way you’d like them to, giving your products an overhaul will make all the difference.

 Here’s why organic and natural hair products are safer on your natural hair.


What are organic and natural hair products?

Quite simply, organic and natural hair products do not contain the chemicals or synthetic ingredients that many regular products do. Instead, they use natural properties like proteins, essential oils, vitamins, and fruit extracts to feed your hair the goodness it needs to remain healthy.

It can be hard to know exactly which chemicals you are using on your hair, many of which do more harm than good. Going natural provides greater peace of mind. Natural ingredients are much gentler, but contain the properties your hair needs to thrive.

Which organic and natural products are best for curly hair?

The first thing to consider when looking for new hair products is what your hair actually needs. Is your hair dry? Do you lack definition? From there you can research which natural ingredients are best for your needs and which products will help you create the best hair care routine.

And, it’s not just afro hair that needs a little TLC. Sulfates, silicones and other harsh chemicals can be damaging for all hair types, including straight hair, so improving your hair care routine with high-quality products is beneficial for everyone. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at the Curls N Lengths natural hair range, which is suitable for straight hair, curls and coils.

Hair masks

Natural hair loves to be deep conditioned. A natural hair mask that is full of natural oils and other nourishing ingredients is a lot more beneficial than regular hair masks. Our hair mask contains a mix of natural butters, oils and other plant based ingredients, leaving your natural hair more hydrated. Our hair mask encourages hair growth and leaves your hair soft after use. It can also be used as a pre-poo treatment to prevent moisture loss while shampooing. Our hair mask is suitable for all hair types.

Natural oils

Oils are great for hair growth and hydration. You can use natural oils in many different ways such as adding them to hair masks, using them for hot oil treatments, applying them to your scalp and keeping the ends of your hair moisturised. The Curls N Lengths hair oil works for all hair types by providing a boost of moisture that penetrates the hair strands from root to tip. Plus, it penetrates the hair shaft for increased cell growth, which leads to thicker and longer hair, with less scalp irritation.

Curl creams

Curl creams are often used as the main styling product for natural hair so it’s important that the one you’re using is full of the best ingredients. Swapping regular curl creams for a natural or organic alternative can completely transform your washday and give much better results that last all week!

Why are organic hair products beneficial to natural hair?

What you use on your hair matters. When it comes to curly and afro hair, this is even more important as this type of hair is easily frazzled and dehydrated which is exacerbated by using poor products.

If your goal is to grow healthy, strong, and hydrated curls then using natural products will be a big help! The top benefits include:

Provides better hydration and encourages moisture retention

Did you know that dry hair is the cause of many hair problems? Unlike straight hair strands where natural oils can easily travel down each shaft, the curls and coils of natural hair make this more difficult — that’s where moisture-rich hair products play a big role.

Chemical-based formulas can draw moisture from your curls and damage the hair shaft so your hair’s ability to retain moisture is non-existent but the great thing about natural formulas is that they often contain naturally derived oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, argan oil, and more. These ingredients do an excellent job at hydrating the hair from the inside out.

No harsh chemicals and ingredients

Parabens, silicones and sulfates are a big no no for all hair types but especially curly hair. Parabens are used to give products a longer shelf life which is great for brands but not so good for your curls, as the agent can be extremely drying. A dry scalp or frazzled hair strands will not encourage curl growth or definition. Sulfates produce a foaming agent, particularly in shampoos, however, they also strip natural oils by over-cleaning the hair. Lastly, silicones create a silky feeling over the hair which feels great but in reality, they will weigh down your natural curls.

 The cycle of removing these chemicals from your hair can be tough but the results are worth it. Organic and natural hair products are free from synthetics and irritants so you haven’t got to worry about causing underlying problems for your curls.

You won’t be masking the problem

Silicones are other agents can make your hair feel soft and silky but in most cases, they are simply masking the problem. If you’re experiencing chemical damage, heat damage or you’re experiencing problems such as dryness, chances are that your hair products are somewhat responsible.

Instead of making the problem, it’s always best to tackle it head-on. Everyone’s curly hair is different so understanding what your hair needs and what it likes is key to nourishing it properly. High-quality products work with your hair and not against it. It may take a while before your hair transitions but with the right ingredients, you can completely transform your natural hair.

Less scalp irritation

Taking good care of the lengths of your hair is important but so is good scalp health. Since natural formulas are much gentler, you’re likely to experience less irritation such as itchiness and dandruff. Often, when the wrong products are used or a bad combination of products is applied to afro hair, this can result in product build-up which isn’t ideal for hair growth as it creates a barrier that prevents moisture from nourishing the hair from root to tip.

Alternatively, natural and organic products only contain the ingredients they need. The simple yet effective formulas cause less irritation and therefore prevent further scalp-related problems such as dermatitis.


Is your natural hair ready for a change? Start the best version of your natural hair journey and choose organic or natural products that your curls will love! Treat your curls kindly and they’ll thank you later as they become hydrated, long and easier to care for.

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