About Us


Using artisan techniques to formulate plant based, natural and organic, Ayurveda inspired hair products, safe high quality products you can rely on, products that empower you to wear your natural hair confidently.

At Curls N Lengths we believe in the power of natural materials from the earth, to serve your hair needs. The effectiveness of our products prove that natural materials do work and are effective. This is a breakthrough for our health conscious customers, who can still access affective products, whilst putting their health and values at the forefront.

We also believe that by minimising the water we use in our products, will not only help save the planet and its water shortage, but will empower the drive for more potent effective products, that are full of active ingredients.

Meet the founder :)

Hello I’m Zara the founder of Curls N lengths. My mission is to provide safe, high quality hair products, products that will enable your hair to flourish in many ways. At Curls N Lengths we only use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, to formulate our hair products, to ensure that our products remain kind to your hair and scalp. Our product ranges contain products for all hair types, however I created this brand on the grounds of finding products that are safe and effective to use on curly, coily, wavy, textured hair, as there are so many damaging hair products on the market, with very little safe and effective ones for our hair types.

Having type 3B/3C hair myself, I understand the importance of maintaining and keeping our hair in good condition. From my experience and on speaking with many other people who have these hair types, I have found most products on the market are not effective in treating our hair, so I there-fore decided to create Curls N lengths in order to help people like myself fulfil this need. As well as wanting to look after our customers with natural hair, at Curls N lengths we also do our part in looking after the environment, reason being our product packaging is made out of recycled and recyclable materials, creating less waste.Our brand is certified animal cruelty free and vegan, meaning we do not test any of our products on animals and do not use any animal derived ingredients. We also only use sustainable ingredients in our products. I formulate each product myself, so there-fore I have full control of what ingredients goes into our products. Curls N lengths have ethical values and do not formulate products with the cheapest ingredients, instead we choose to use the best quality ingredients to keep our customers safe, in order for our customers to have the best experience.

Being of mixed African/English heritage, I inherited the curly, afro textured hair, which can often become very knotty, dry and can break easily if not looked after properly. As a child my mother tried endless products on mine and my sisters’ hair, nothing ever seemed to work perfectly. Whilst growing up I have tried endless products myself, but nothing I found ever seemed to do any good for my hair. I noticed after a while of using a hair product, that was supposed to help with dry and frizzy hair, I would find my hair becoming more dry and frizzy. During my teens I even decided to texturise my hair, thinking this way it would be easier to manage, as my friends with straight hair, managed their hair easier than mine, however this caused a lot of damage to my hair, causing my hair to break. There is now research suggesting some relaxers can actually cause health issues, such as cancer, which is another reason for wanting to keep my products clean and to empower people to wear their natural hair confidently.

Over the last few years I began to research the products I had been using on my hair and their ingredients, as I was trying to work out why these products were not really helping my hair, but were actually putting my hair in a worse state. I found that a lot of the products I had been using contained ingredients that can be damaging to your hair. As I also have a diagnoses of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), like many women in the world, which can be a factor in hair becoming dry and damaged, I wanted to rule out any product or ingredients that could be more damaging to my hair. At this point I decided I would begin to formulate my own hair products, so I know exactly what ingredients is in the product. I ensured that I used only the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients. I spent a lot of time making and testing different formulas on mine and family members’ hair, until I found the perfect formulas.

After using my own formulations I realised that there was a massive improvement. My curls began to flourish and my hair began to feel more moisturised for a lot longer, also appeared softer, with more shine. I found that my curls needed refreshing less and my hair was a lot easier to detangle, with less frizz and shedding. I also found that my hair was growing tremendously, with my Ayurveda formulations. Realising that I have finally been able to formulate hair products that actually work, I decided to create Curls N lengths, so that I can share these products with others in need of safe and effective, natural hair products.

As well as being a registered nurse and loving to help people who are vulnerable and in need of care, I also found a love in formulating natural hair products, so over the last few years I have been formulating hair products for friends and family, as a side hobby, but I have now decided to expand and create a full brand, in order to help others with their hair issues and goals.